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Autentico Boxes delivers curated food boxes that feature traditional cuisine from various cultures. Their focus is on providing grandma-like recipes and unique local flavors that represent the heart of each culture. Authenticity and storytelling are key components in creating a memorable culinary experience for their customers.

The ingredients used in their boxes are sourced from artisanal producers who prioritize heritage and tradition in their products. Autentico Boxes values sustainable partnerships with their suppliers to ensure fair trade and support for their craft. Autentico Boxes takes pride in offering a sustainable culinary experience delivered straight to their customers' doorstep.

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Autentico saw a boost in website traffic and lead generation through the targeted social media advertising campaigns implemented by our team. Our campaigns were effective in driving traffic to their website, generating leads for both new and returning customers. Our strategy helped Autentico reach its desired audience, increasing brand awareness, and generating more business opportunities. We are proud to have played a part in Autentico's success and look forward to continuing to support their growth through our personalized digital marketing services.


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